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As a reseller of Kilowatt Labs’ products in New Zealand, GreenFox delivers innovative products to address your energy storage needs.

We supply products that are environmentally friendly, safe, sustainable, cheaper to maintain and most importantly, unparalleled performance.

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Sirius Energy Storage

Sirius Energy Storage is revolutionising energy storage across the world.

Developed by American-based company, Kilowatt Labs, Sirius makes use of supercapacitors to store energy.
This technology, coupled with Kilowatt Labs’ proprietary algorithms that govern the system’s balance, control, and charging makes Sirius superior.

Discover the benefits of Sirius Energy Storage, the world’s first supercapacitor powerbank

Energy AUDIT

No more thumb-suck battery banks and solar sizing

People pay too much for their solar system due to incorrect sizing and don’t really see the benefits, because it wasn’t sized correctly from the beginning.

Learn more about Energy Audits and the benefits

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