supercapacitor Hybrid energy storage OPTIONS

Are you fed up with replacing Lead-acid or Lithium-ion batteries every few years?

Supercaps are a direct swap out for any existing battery or other energy storage solution that you might have. It is plug-and-play and will last significantly longer than any other battery currently on the market. Greenfox Agencies NZ has a wide range of hybrid supercaps available that will suit your needs. 


  1. Longer lifespan
  2. More environmentally friendly and sustainable
  3. Unparalleled depth of discharge 
  4. Temperature stability
  5. Wider operating temperature range compared to other storage technologies

Greenfox Agencies NZ offers a safe and efficient alternative to chemical batteries.

Key benefits of hybrid Supercap energy storage

Modular and scalable

Easily scale voltage or capacity by adding core modules. The communication module at the chassis level maintains control and stability of the storage system at any size.

Flexible charging and discharging cycles

Can be charged or discharged (flat curve) at any rate (15 seconds to hours) without affecting the cycle life or capacity.


The hybrid supercap cell has a longer projected life.

Thermal stability

Produces a minimum amount of heat during charge and discharge cycles.

Wide operational temperature range

The system remains effective in extreme temperatures.

Environmentally friendly

Significantly less toxic than Li-ion and poses no threat of thermal runaway.


The system works with standard inverters/rectifiers/regulators used with Lead Acid or Li-Ion batteries.

Competitive pricing

An affordable alternative to comparable chemical batteries.

WEST - The last "battery" you’ll ever buy.

Distributed by Greenfox NZ

Available in 3 standard units - 3.3kWh | 5.0 kWh | 6.5 kWh
Operating temperature range of -42°C to 70°C
Android and IOS through WIFI
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Solar Systems

Hydro plant systems

Water pump systems

wind power

Grid Storage




Golf Carts


Trains... yes even trains

Capess Units
Exceptional long life with high depth of discharge
Intelligent Battery Management Software
Fast Charging
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Options available
for a wide range of applications

Distributed by Greenfox NZ