Is your electricity bill sky high and you don’t know why?
An Energy Audit can help.

Do you want to go solar but you’re unsure of the sizing of the battery bank and the solar panel array you’ll need?

A GFNZ energy audit will give you precise information of your current electricity usage and we can help you find the best set-up for your electrical needs.

The Energy Audit Process

Our audits are not like the typical energy audits they did in the old days. We’re taking things to the next level.

  • A GFNZ representative will set up a site visit at a convenient time and access the DB board to assess which circuit breakers belong to which appliances.
  • Our revolutionary loggers are then attached to the electrical DB board and left there for at least two weeks to log the electricity usage.
  • After the period, the GFNZ representative will come and disconnect the loggers from your DB board and take the data to head office for analysis.
  • Our proprietary software analyses the data and produces a report of the exact electrical usage over the time period

Armed with this information you can now:

  • size your new solar system accurately and save a heap of cash,
  • identify which appliance is drawing more power than it should and fix, remove or replace,
  • identify over worked pumps, hot-water cylinders and save more!

No more thumb-suck battery banks and solar sizing.
The sizing of your solar system will be exact.

People pay too much for their solar system due to incorrect sizing and don’t really see the benefits, because it wasn’t sized correctly from the beginning.


About the Jacara Energy Audit

  • Identifying Problem Appliances
  • Compare Efficiency Options
  • Individual Appliance ROI
  • Consumption Breakdown
  • Pre/Post Energy Profile
  • Daily Energy Profile
  • Seasonal Energy Profile
  • Appliance Comparison
  • ROI Chart
  • Financial Simulation
  • Individual Load Visualization

Benefits of the Jacara Energy Audit

  • Design Any System Type
  • Design Across Different Inverter Brands
  • Emulate Inverter Reaction
  • Incorporate Seasonal Effect
  • Include Any Tariff Type
  • Compare Different Systems Types
  • Generation Consumption Profile Match
  • ROI And Cash Flow Charts
  • Include Battery Replacement Cost Where Applicable
  • Compensate Accurately For Losses Or Shortfall
  • Panel Direction Consumption Profile Match
  • Individual Load Visualisation
  • Panel Inclination Seasonal Profile Match

Book your Energy Audit today to secure a spot.

A GFNZ Energy audit will give you the power to save and reap the benefits of going green!