The Centauri Energy Server from GreenFox

The modern power management solution

The Centauri Energy Server is a fully-integrated electronics and software platform that can operate as a stand-alone device or integrate into any system through its innovative plug-and-play functionality. Centauri, developed by Kilowatt Labs, can service any load profile (kW to MW) with or without grid access or generator availability.


Centauri is an all-in-one solution that replaces systems comprised of multiple components including PV inverters, charge controllers, battery inverters, communication software and hardware, safety devices, and more.

Key benefits of Centauri

Handles torque loads

Start motors, compressors and other forms of inductive loads with surge currents without oversizing the system.

Renewable input

Centauri directly supplies the load from renewable generation without routing through the energy storage during generation hours, whilst concurrently charging the storage. The platform switches seamlessly between renewable generation and storage and can accept 5 to 6 times the renewable input without oversizing the system.

Automated operation

The Centauri Energy Server actively corrects power factor losses caused by inductive and capacitive loads on the circuit and also filters any harmonics caused by the load. The platform includes built-in safeties, data logging, monitoring, and other control features.

Modular and scalable

GreenFox can help to assess requirements and recommend the appropriate Centauri configuration.

Possible Centauri applications

  • Residential
  • Commercial and industrial
  • University campuses
  • Mission critical facilities
  • Military Bases
  • Mines
  • Agricultural farms
  • Oil and gas infrastructure
  • Island states
  • Prefabricated housing
  • Displaced persons’ camps
  • Disaster relief
  • Private virtual networks
  • Data centres

Centauri Advantage compared to Legacy Systems

Feature Centauri Energy Server Legacy System
Torque Load Handling (handles surge currents enabling it to independently run all types of loads, inductive, resistive and capacitive) 1000% for 2 seconds Not available
System efficiency (generation to output) 96.7%-99.1% 60%-80%
PV connection 6x rated capacity 1.5x rated capacity
Energy storage inverter, flexibility in the type of energy storage connectivity Built-in (Supercapacitor based/Lead Acid/Li-Ion) No - external
Power factor correction of loads and harmonics filtering Yes No
Multiple source input (AC or DC) Yes - Plug & Play No
Blended energy output from multiple input sources (AC and/or DC) Yes No
Seamless switching between sources Yes No
Auto-genset start/stop/control Yes No
Data logging, monitoring and control Yes No
Islanding/anti-islanding Yes No
Bi-directional option available Yes No
Built-in safeties Yes No
Modular Yes No
Plug-and-play (no additional hardware or software required) Yes No